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We thought that we had lost our dear mother, but through our grieving, we discovered that we regained “MITA.” By uniting efforts with family and friends, we’ve changed tears into achieving what she always wanted to do—TO HELP CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES IN THE PLACE WHERE SHE AND MOST OF HER FAMILY SPENT VALUABLE TIME. MITA's Foundation is the testament of her helping heart and her sharing spirit.

Every year several of the volunteers here in the USA, took their Christmas vacation to make this mission to Culebras possible. The Port of Culebras is located five hours north of Lima, the capital of Peru. Christmas 2015 made the fifth consecutive year that two of the volunteers here in the USA, took their Christmas vacation to GO and SERVE Peru by HELPING those children who would not otherwise have received a present during this very special holiday.

Through helping children in this under-developed country, we gained an unforgettable experience and accomplished an immense task. Each year, we are proud to say, the outcome has proved better than the previous year.

Our team works hand in hand with other volunteers living in Peru. The local team in Peru helps us every year by generously opening their homes to us during our stay. There are no words to explain their gratitude for what MITA’s Foundation is doing for their community.

This year, we are changing things up a bit and moving the target of our mission to Cancas, Peru, which is a costal city far to the north of the country, and nearly on the border with Ecuador.  Although Cancas is a more remote destination, it's also a city close to Mancora, the city of Mita's birth.  Mita herself lived in Cancas in her twenties, and it has always been a location dear to her heart.  We are hopeful that our new outreach to Cancas will be beneficial for this often neglected part of the country.  

Every single person in this organization is a volunteer who regularly gives from deep within their hearts and of their personal time, talent and treasures to further the mission of Mita’s Foundation. Additional local volunteers in the USA and Peru help coordinate specific projects (packing school supplies in the USA to be sent to Peru, delivering clothing, providing medical/dental services in the villages, etc.).

 Cada persona en esta organización es un(a) voluntario(a), quien con frecuencia da de lo profundo de su corazón, de su tiempo, talento y finanzas para avanzar la misión de la Fundación Mita. Los voluntarios locales de los Estados Unidos y de Perú ayudan a coordinar proyectos específicos, (empacan los útiles escolares en los Estados Unidos para enviarse a Perú, entregan ropa, proveen servicios médicos/dentales en las pequeñas ciudades, etc.).

Board Members

Tina Peña - President

Tina Peña is an Associate Professor of Spanish and a Medical Interpreter Trainer at Tulsa Community College. She is also the host of Temas en Tulsa,, a television program produced in Spanish that covers current events and topics of importance to Spanish speaking viewers.

Tina is a member of the Governor's Task force for the Advancement of Hispanic Students in Higher Education, the United Nations of Eastern Oklahoma, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the ACLU. Tina is the past Chair for the National Board of Medical Interpreters. In 2013, Tina was recognized as an “Orgullo Peruano” by Peruanos en Oklahoma and has also won the Nania 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award, and the 2007 Pinnacle Award. Tina is also a board member of the Language and Cultural Bank and the Martin Luther King Board.

In Tina's spare time she enjoys tutoring the local youth of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As President of the Mita's Foundation, Tina wants to continue, along with Cesar, the legacy of MITA in Puerto Culebras.

Nanda Thompson - Vice President

Nanda was born in Brazil, and relocated to Tulsa to start a family 20+ years ago. She is an artist who participates in several shows each year. She is also a teacher of Portuguese and English as a second language.

Nanda uses her artistic and organizational skills to help host many of Mita's foundation fundraising events throughout the year.

Nanda has always believed in taking action to helping others, regardless of their nationalities or race. When she was introduced to Mita's Foundation, she soon discovered that the organization's values and agenda aligned with her own. She has been an enthusiastic participant ever since.

Nancy Shelton - Treasurer

Nancy became treasurer of Mita's Foundation because she wanted to use her business and accounting background to help ensure that as much of the foundation's money as possible goes to help the children. Children were always so precious and important to Mita and she hoped for all children to have a good education.

Nancy met Mita in 2001 and they quickly became great friends. Nancy is thankful to be able to do what she can to help with the foundation and to honor Mita.

Raul Peña - Member

Raul Peña was born in Peru and lives in Lima with his wife and two children. He is a Pastor and President of “Seminario Bíblico Alianza” in Peru. He is the first offspring of MITA. In Raul's spare time he enjoys reading and playing soccer. Raul got involved in the foundation after his brother Cesar and his niece Giannina asked him to help. The foundation needed someone trustworthy and local in Peru to assist Cesar and the team of volunteers.

He has a great love for the children in Puerto Culebras and welcomes the opportunity through The Mita's Foundation to honor MITA. Raul travels throughout Latin America teaching others to serve God by serving the underprivileged. He follows James 1:26-27 “If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man's religion is worthless. Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress and to keep one-self unstained by the world.”

Pastor Leonard Busch - Member

The Rev. Leonard “Len” Busch, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, and a longtime supporter of the immigrant community in Tulsa, passed away at the age of 63 on February 23, 2015. Pastor Busch was a supporter of MITA's Foundation from its inception.

His life and ministry was centered around the immigrant communities of Tulsa for many years, but he never forgot to give a hand to the foreigner.

“He would say, 'The Bible says to go out and preach the gospel to all nations, and look what God has done. He's brought all nations right to our doorstep,' but, his love for the foreigner did not stop here in Tulsa, he made sure MITA's children in Peru had a way to get assistance every Christmas by attending fundraising events all year round and made sure the resources gathered during the year were kept in a safe place, his church.

He was impressed by MITA and fell in love with her food and her family. He had hoped to go to Peru in 2015 to meet those children and their families. However, Lenny's legacy and wishes that the children on Peru be taken care of will continue.

Giannina Peña Escudero - Member

Giannina is from Peru and owns “Kay Restaurant.” Giannina enjoys cooking and helping others in her community. She also enjoys music. As a board member, Giannina's role is vocal because she lives in Peru. Prior to the team making the trip to Peru each Christmas, Giannina facilitates the process of providing everything that the team will need to be successful.

She purchases all of the toys and makes sure that the volunteers are committed and know their responsibilities. Giannina is very grateful to her father, Cesar Peña, Vice-President and is humbled by his commitment not only to her Grandmother Mita, but to the under-privileged children of Peru.

Terry Reinheart - Board Member


Roberto & Cecilia Maduro - Board Member


Odilia Peña - Board Member