In 2018, Mita’s Foundation worked with our Tulsa partner, Cura for the World, under the leadership of Dr. TJ Trad, to build a medical station next to our school in Santa Rosa de Quives, Peru. The medical station was inaugurated in October 2018. Cura for the World volunteers from Tulsa and Dr. Trad himself performed examinations at the medical station, recruited volunteer doctors and nurses from the area to support quarterly clinics and tested local water quality for potability. Mita’s Foundation volunteers from Tulsa worked with our local contacts to promote the event, handle logistics and move patients through the intake process. Dr. Trad and Cura’s investment in SRQ helps dozens of people who need local healthcare resources, access to pharmacy and routine medical care. Mita’s Foundation supports the ongoing efforts of the medical station to maintain regular clinics, provide basic sanitation, supply the community with needed medicines and support COVID testing. For more information about our Tulsa partner, Cura for the World, please visit their website at